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A cycle-logical choice…
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Bob O’Donnell began designing commercial bike racks in 1989. At that time, bike parking was not so common as it is now. It was especially rare to find a bike rack that was compatible with the newer bikes. Bikes had changed. They became lighter and did not have kickstands. Quick release wheel levers replaced bolts.

It was clear that bike racks had to hold the bike up and allow the user to lock the front wheel and bike frame with a U-lock.

Starting with The Bike Rib inverted-U rack and the Rib Rack, Function First Design, LLC has produced a number of original and functional designs.

Bob has always strived be an innovator, not an imitator in his “Cycle-Logical” approach to designing commercial bike racks. Bob’s primary focus is to encourage the use of bicycles as a viable source of local transportation.

Function First Bike Security’s business model is to manufacture efficient, secure and cost-effective commercial bike racks.