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BikeRib 2.0

The Original Inverted "U" Style Bike Rack

BikeRib 2.0 – The Original Inverted “U” bike rack

The Bike Rib 2.0 bike rack is designed for use in securing two bikes and is efficient, familiar and dependable.

The Bike Rib 2.0 offers a user-friendly design so as to allow the easy lock-up of the user’s bike frame and wheels
with a highly-secure U-Lock while facilitating organized bike parking.

The Bike Rib provides optimum flexibility in site orientation. It can be placed side by side, end to end, at an angle or alone.

The Bike Rib is available with either surface mount or in-ground mounting options.

Specification Sheet, Install Instructions, Color Options

Specification Sheet
Product Information
Install Instructions

3D Models

BikeRib 2.0 Sketchup
BikeRib 2.0 STEP