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How do I decide which bike rack is best for my use?

Determine how many bikes you need to park and if they will all be parked at one location or in multiple groupings. Choose a style and a mounting option, depending on the surface the rack or racks will attach to. See specifications and mounting options for the style you choose. Choose a finish. View colors and finish options.

Are two points of contact on a bike rack better than one?

Not necessarily! When the bike is locked properly with a U-lock through the front wheel around the rack and the down tube of the bike, the front wheel won’t turn and the bike won’t fall down, regardless of how many points of contact. This also secures the front wheel which is otherwise vulnerable to theft.

What is the best mounting option?

If there is existing concrete to attach to, then surface mounting would be easiest. The concrete could also be core-drilled for embedding the ends of the rack. On new construction, either option would work. If the surface area is loose ground, gravel or pavers, then the in-ground mount is recommended. If attaching to asphalt, then surface mounting is an option, using lag shields for the anchors, or core-drilling for embedding the ends of the rack.

What are the best anchors to use for the surface mount option?

Click to view a commercial bike rack page and find the INSTALL link to learn more.

What are the finishes and colors of the bike racks and benches?

View our COLORS page in navigation.

What is the best finish?

The most durable finish is hot-dipped galvanized. The more attractive finish is powder coat. If you expect that the racks will get a lot of use and abuse and if you are in a coastal climate, the galvanized finish would hold up best. If you expect light use of the racks and aesthetics are a primary concern, then a powder coat finish may be best.

How long do manufacturing and shipping take?

If the racks are not in stock, then lead time could be 2-4 weeks.

How are the racks shipped?

The Series I and Series II BR2’s are small enough to ship via UPS. The larger racks ship common carrier. Shipping costs are prepaid and added to the invoice.

What is the warranty on the bike racks and bench racks?

Function First Bike Security guarantees its bike racks and bench racks to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for two years. Function First, Inc. will replace or correct products that are found to be defective for a period of two years, provided we receive written notice from the owner in a timely fashion. This guarantee does not cover wear and tear to the finish, nor damage due to misuse or abuse.