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Stand Up Floor Mount Bike Rack

Vertical Bike Security (Flexible Layouts)

StandUp Floor Mount

Garage Poles – No Problem

No-Lift Design Patterns

U-Lock Compatible

Industrial Grade

The Floor Mount Stand-Up is a vertical bike parking & security system designed by Function First Bike Security. It is an easy to use vertical bike rack, that can be configured to fit almost any space.

This vertical bike rack does not require lifting of the bike. Simply stand the bike up on its back tire, put the back wheel against the wheel block, hook the front wheel at top and the bike falls securely in Place.

This vertical bike rack is available in several variations, Wall Mount, Floor Mount, and Vertical Flow (5 Bikes). This vertical bike rack is U-Lock compatible.

Custom Layouts - Limitless Design Possiblities

Tree Layout - 8 Bikes