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The Linear Rib Rack

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It’s not enough to lock just the front wheel. When used as intended, this design prohibits the use of the U-lock on the bike frame. Better than it’s predecessor, but the design creates it’s own set of problems. Difficult in bike placement and access can cause this rack to become full at two thirds of it’s intended capacity. Each bike has equal access to the rack. Locking the bike frame and front wheel with a U-lock is easy. With the bikes held apart there is little interference between handlebars and petals.

The Linear bike rack emphasizes function over form.

The result is an aesthetic commercial bike rack that allows equal access at each point of attachment and ample space for no hassle bike parking. The Linear bike rack offers easy lock-up of bike frame and wheels with a U-lock.

The Linear bike rack comes in three sizes: four, six or eight bikes.

Available in either surface mount or in-ground mounting options.

Function First Bike Security

A Cycle-Logical choice